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Yoga Krama

Studying Yoga for health protection and therapeutic application.

Vinyāsa means movement within set parameters. It also means 'to move with the breath: effortlessly and with skill'. The practice of Vinyāsa Krama can be thought of as the art form of yoga.

I have been blessed to have studied this manner of practice with Srivatsa Ramaswami over many years. Sir himself studied directly with the renowned Sri Krishnamacarya directly. For over 33 years!

In this year-long course we will examine this system from the perspective of rakśana (prevention) and cikitsa (therapy).

There will be 2 two hour sessions per month. One practice and one theory and philosophy.

In this methodology of studying yoga, it is imperative to start by understanding the various positions of the body and the various movements within those positions. It also means directing our movements through breath. And finally it means a logical flow both into and out of a posture. The asana itself happens within that flow and the intent is to slowly build up the amount of time spent in the asana for it to have a positive effect upon our health, both mental and physical. We will study each of these positions along with appropriate pranayamas, chants and meditations, once a month, totaling 10 positions. The last two sessions will include special vinyasas and how to string together from different sequences for specific therapeutic purposes. The other monthly session will consist of understanding the philosophy and history of yoga and its therapeutic application through the lens of ayurveda.

The classes will be recorded with the intention of the student having a month to work on that particular krama. There are 10 krama in total followed by unusual kramas and finally, a last session on how to create practices with both therapy and prevention in mind. Thus 12 months.

The study portion will focus on the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga and Bhagavad Gita to encompass the vastness of yoga.

Course Fees:

$195 per month. Pay as you go.
$2000 paid in advance. Save $340.
Classes will be recorded and available each month. Helpful if you are unable to attend a session in person.
Space is limited.

* Refund Policy: There is no refund on the yearly sign up.
You may stop payment and discontinue your studies if for some reason you are unable to continue and are making payments monthly.

Arun teaching ayurvedic psychology yoga


Arun teaching ayurvedic psychology yoga
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